To enquire or book on a Cruising Instructor Course please contact the office. 

The first step in teaching within the practical sail cruising scheme is to become qualified as an RYA Cruising Instructor, before moving up to Yachtmaster Instructor. Due to the short time available on the instructor course, there is limited opportunity to fill any gaps in knowledge. The course is a blend of assessing your knowledge, providing a structured framework to instruct, coach, observe and deliver constructive feedback, and ensure the structure and standards required of RYA courses are understood.

Price: £900
Previous Experience: RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (sail) with a commercial endorsement, PPR, Valid First Aid, RYA Knowledge Check
Assumed Knowledge: Navigation to Coastal/Yachtmaster Shorebased Standard
Duration: 5 days
Useful Books: RYA Sail Cruising Logbook and RYA Cruising Instructors Logbook
Location: Turnchapel Wharf, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Costs include:

  • All food whilst on board
  • Use of Waterproofs if necessary
  • Accommodation on board
  • Mooring Fees & Fuel