Radio Courses

GMDSS Radio Certificate Requirements

Private craft under 300 tons may fit DSC equipment voluntarily, for vessels over 300 tons it is compulsory. Voluntary fit vessels require operators with SRC for area A1 (VHF only) or LRC for other areas (MF & HF). Compulsory fit vessels require operators with ROC for area A1 or GOC for other areas.

Vessels leaving UK waters should take advice on suitable communications and distress equipment for the areas they intend to visit. As always, someone on board the vessel must be qualified to operate whatever type of radio equipment is fitted.

Short Range (VHF) Radio

This one-day course is run once a month usually on a Saturday (we can tailor make the VHF course to suit you - but will require a minimum of four people), the course starts at 0900 & finishes around 1630 followed by the written & oral exams. The exam finish time is hard to predict but may be as late as 2030. There is a certificate issue/exam fee of �60.00 (payable to the RYA - subject to change) plus a course pack costing �10. Our course cost is �170.00 and it includes these RYA fees. For those who have the old style vhf certificates and wish to upgrade, we charge a reduced fee of �130 including the �70 to the RYA,  but ask you to attend the whole day.

The old VHF certificate is still valid but may no longer be obtained. Users of DSC radios must have at least the SRC qualification. The SRC course is examined by an RYA employed examiner. The day is long and a pass is not automatic so pre course study of more than 3 hours is imperative.

If you are unable to attend one of our regular 1 day courses, we can set up an ON-LINE course for you, after which you will need to come in to the school some time soon afterwards to do your final written and practical test.

Long Range (MF/HF & Satellite) Radio

Long distance yachtsmen should ensure that they have the ability to call for help, stay in touch with home, or make arrangements for their next port from wherever they are. The Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) has revolutionised all maritime rescue coordination but now HF radio is being upstaged by the latest satellite comms . Do some research before spending too much money, things are changing fast!

We hope that you can find the information you require on these pages, if you have any further questions, or require advice, please call us.

Richard Brown (Principal) RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.