Courses Ashore

Classroom Based Navigation Courses


(Basic navigation) 5-Days. A foundation course in seamanship, navigation, chartwork, GPS, safety & meteorology.  A very full and interesting course with no mandatory requirement to have boat experience buit it helps if you have some. The 5 day continuous version is very concentrated!

Coastal / Yachtmaster

(Advanced navigation) 6-Days. An advanced course in navigation, chartwork, passage planning, tidal calculations and predictions, navigation instruments & meteorology.  You should only consider attempting this course if you are confident with basic navigation, including estimated position and course to steer plotting methods and predictions of tidal heights and currents. Minimum teaching time is 40 hours plus the time for 3 exams to be completed (another 8 hours approx.)

Yachtmaster Ocean

6-Days. An advanced course in use of a sextant, astronavigation, worldwide meteorology and ocean passages.

Evening Courses

The evening classes usually start in October and run up to Christmas. The times are 1800 - 2030. The fee includes the charts and exercise books.

Private Tuition

Arranged to suit. 1-day at a time, a little boat handling practice, or a complete course.

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Richard Brown (Principal) RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.