First Aid Courses

RYA Small Craft First Aid

This course is designed to provide a working knowledge of first aid for skippers of small craft working within 60 miles of a safe haven. This certificate is also the minimum requirement for those needing the Commercial Endorsement (Category 2,3 & 4). The syllabus is based on the recommendation of the Health & Safety Executive & the Department of Transport. The duration of the course is seven hours. Dates are available on request, approximately monthly.

The cost of the course is £110.00.

Medical First Aid & Medical Care (STCW95)

The course is conducted in two parts, the first 3 days comprise the First Aid & the final 5 days complete the Medical Care. Either part may be taken separately with the obvious requirement that the First Aid qualification is a prerequisite if doing just the final 5-day conversion to Medical Care.

The full Medical course is a requirement for commercial operations Category 0 or 1 - more than 60 miles from a safe haven. The courses cover a wide range of topics - medical emergencies, poisoning, mental illness, surgical emergencies, suturing of wounds, tropical & infectious diseases, resuscitation & even emergency childbirth, radio medical advice & use of medications carried on category 0 and 1 ships.

We do not currently offer these but can put you in touch with those that do.

Ship Captain's Medical and DOT First Aid certificates are still available for those who need not comply with the STCW95 regs. E.g. small yachts Cat 0 or 1.

We hope that you can find the information you require on these pages, if you have any further questions, or require advice, please call us.

Richard Brown (Principal) RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.