Entry & Examination Requirements for Professional Yachts.

There is only one place to look for the details and intricacies of the MCA qualification system and that is on their web site.

Use this link to get to the master document, the M notice.  MSN 1802 M

A few extracts are given below to show the sort of things involved ...

Officer of the Watch

(Limited to yachts and not more than 3,000gt)

Chief Mate on a Yacht

(Limited to yachts and not more than 3,000gt)


(Limited to 500 gt and not more than 150 nm from a safe haven)


(Limited to yachts and not more than 3,000 gt)

Note: All examinations are to be conducted by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. (SQA) It is likely that some of the modules for Master (3000 tonnes) will be moved down to Master (500 tonnes).

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Richard Brown (Principal) RYA Yachtmaster Instructor.